Landmark Theatre

Landmark Theatre: A Historic Gem in Syracuse, New York


Located on South Salina Street in Syracuse, New York, the Landmark Theatre is a historic theater that has been entertaining audiences since 1928. It is regarded as one of the first great Oriental-style theaters in the United States and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.


A Brief History


Originally known as Loew’s State Theater, the Landmark Theatre was designed by renowned architect Thomas W. Lamb. It is the only surviving example of the opulent theatrical venues from the 1920s in Syracuse. Over the years, the theater has played a significant role in the history of Central New York and has been recognized for its architectural design and cultural significance.


In 1975, the main lobby’s Vanderbilt chandelier was sold, which led to the establishment of the Syracuse Area Landmark Theatre (SALT) as a nonprofit agency to acquire and preserve the theater. The city of Syracuse also offered tax rebates to support this endeavor.


Events and Performances


The Landmark Theatre hosts a wide range of events and performances, making it the premier destination for national touring concerts, comedians, family performances, Broadway shows, and local events in central New York. From Broadway musicals to intimate concerts with superstar music acts, the theater offers a diverse lineup that caters to various interests.


If you’re interested in attending a show at the Landmark Theatre, you can check their calendar for upcoming performances. They offer shows throughout the year, featuring renowned artists and productions. It’s always a good idea to stay up to date with their latest shows and events by joining their mailing list.


Visitor Information


The Landmark Theatre has a seating capacity of 2,900, providing ample space for audiences to enjoy their favorite performances When attending a show, it’s important to note that the theater has certain rules and regulations. Outside food and beverages are not allowed, and cameras are prohibited. The child ticket policy may vary depending on the show, so it’s best to contact the Landmark Theatre Box Office for specific information.


For those driving to the theater, there are on-street parking options as well as nearby parking lots. Prices may vary, and it’s recommended to check the parking map for street availability and lot information.


Haunting Legends


The Landmark Theatre has also gained a reputation for being haunted. According to local legends, the spirit of Clarissa, who fell to her death from a balcony in 1930, is said to haunt the theater. She is often described as a pale apparition in a white dress and is known to appear unexpectedly, especially to those who are not following the theater’s rules.


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